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Shame on Dell for Putting Profits Over Families

Janitors at Dell

My name is Blanca Pantoja, I am a janitor that works at Dell. This year, Silicon Valley janitors fought for and won a new contract that will pay us at least $15 an hour immediately, with paid family medical and new, safer ways to report sexual harassment and violence. Now, just a few weeks after signing our new contract, Dell is getting rid of us in favor of a non-union contractor that pays $11 an hour with no benefits.

This is heartbreaking. We work hard and do an important job. We deserve respect and a fair wage. I am raising two teenagers in East Palo Alto. The new contract would have made a huge difference in my life. Going back to $11 an hour would be devastating. I don’t know how I will pay my rent and support my children.

Please email Dell Facilities Manager, Elizabeth Bowles, and ask Dell to do what is right and keep us with the contract that will allow us to care for our families. Thank you.

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